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Eva Kaiser - eine Künstlerin stellt sich vor

1963 Born in the city of Mozart, Salzburg, Austria
1977 Education to Textile Engineer
1985 autodidactic education to painting artist, freelance artist and graphic artist
2002 Studies in masterclass with Jacobo Borges (Caracas, Venezuela) figuration, nude painting
2003 first single exhibition
2003 Studies in masterclass with Hermann Nitsch (Austria)
Action-painting, experimental painting

Early, she was impressed bei impressionists like Gaugin, Manet, Van Gogh.

But she developed herself to expressionism, where she could show the unreal phantastic world of  subconscious. She gets her inspiration mainly from the subconscious.
With the composition of her colours she wants to visualize her emotions and feelings..
The vitality and strenght of her colours and compositions early became her brandmark.

The artist is living in Salzburg, and counts herself to the artists which live a wide talent. Themes from Mythology, as well as ecclesiastical paintings are inspiring and fascinating her. She uses mainly oil- and acrylic-colours, and works on canvas, linnen or carton groundings.

The participation and study at the international Salzburg Summeracademy of art, contributed to a widening of her artistc horizon.

Since 2003 Eva Kaiser is working on the abstract form of expressionism called actionpainting. This spontaneous painting excludes a willing influence of the artist and subconscious elements were shown. It specially emphasises the painting process in which colour is spontaneously put on the ground.

Eva Kaiser tries to give her abstract paintings - similar to the figurative ones - soul and depth.

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