Eva Kaiser is an Austrian representative of abstract expressionism.

Lives as a freelance artist in Salzburg.

evakaiser in the studio

The time at Hermann Nitsch had the greatest influence on her artistic orientation and was a decisive source of inspiration for her work. Actionism and Expressivity concentrated with vibrating, volcanic strong brushstrokes.

action painting as i understand it, it does not correspond to any art historical epoch, but is a timeless matter and actually already given by the old masters. this is the case when the pictoriality is overcome, surpassed, in favour of the abstraction of pure painting. i think of works by michelangelo (pieta rondanini), to the late work of titian (schindung des marsyas), rembrandt (jewish bride), an goya, gymnastto the impressionists, to cezanne and especially to monet - his haystacks and water lilies, an van goghan lovis corinth. with tachism, abstract expressionism, informal, painting moves into the open, into a liberation. penetrates deeper into the essence of painting. eva kaiser has painted herself free. her work achieves an unboundedness, a freshness, a matter-of-factness. she is not bound to any fashion. joy in dripping, wet colour prevails. one tastes, one smells, her appetising applications of colour. her gestural expressions have expressive power. figurative figures are integrated like memories in her colour explosions. everything she does does not correspond to stillness, rest or motionlessness. it corresponds to the dynamic process of creation. the movement, the eternal flow is revealed. accumulation, dissolution and renewed concentration are seismographed. that power, that basic energetic flow, which exposes itself to abysses and worlds of light, which causes galaxies to extinguish and re-emerge, is at work in her work. eva kaiser's work corresponds to a dionysian, intoxicating perception of life. this wave of fermenting life is simultaneously destruction and construction, and this applies to the whole of creation. the big bang is an excessive, destructive birth of light. kaiser's powerful painting, fed by the fundamental forces, is necessary at the present time. mendacious intellectuality, seemingly compulsive orders, the bureaucratic state and pseudo-democracy are being countered by healthy life.

hermann nitsch

prinzendorf, october 2020


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