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The Salzburg artist Eva Kaiser emphasises: "Painting the soul is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Which she undoubtedly succeeds in doing in a particularly powerful way.

In her unmistakable images of spontaneous design and a certain self-design, the transitions of emergence and decay flow.

Clever and intelligent apart from her talent as a painter, Eva Kaiser captivates with creative freedom! She uses art to formulate questions and answers that arise when contemplating life.

With the courage not to accept limitations, the motifs often deal with the fringes of society. In the midst of an increasingly cool, dispassionate environment, the exciting, stirring, expressive and harmonious reacts.

In this process of revelation, "Do it now", perfection and abstraction intertwine in magic. In the reflection of illusion and three-dimensionality, the colour component amazes, full of harmony and power. It surrenders to the wildness of the inner

unbridled will to express, which does not want to be beautiful, perfect and successful, but leaves its individual trace of the momentary feeling. Here lies "depth" in the work.

This breathing of life and consciousness opens the door to the mystical elements. For her, art is a vocation, she wants to give something to people. And you can feel that very clearly when you look at the works. Anyone who knows Eva Kaiser and her

Once you have had the opportunity to get to know her work, you are captivated and impressed by her creative power.


Exhibition: "Sound of" from 11.12. 2007 to 04. 01. 2008

Greetings: Senate Councillor Mag. J. Schorsch

Opening by Member of Parliament and Councillor Georg Niedermühlbichler

Musical improvisation Edith Lettner with saxophone and duduk


1010 Vienna, Wipplingerstrasse 8




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The Transcendent in the Painting of Eva Kaiser

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