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Eva Kaiser



EVA KAISER - Sound of...

Exhibition opening 11 December 2007


Rock, jazz, reggae or blues - Eva Kaiser gives the

Rooms of the old town hall in Wipplingerstraße with their

paintings new colourful tones. With her expressionist

distortions, the artist represents the feeling of the musicians with her

whole range of tones into the foreground.


The low tone of the bass player, the soft delicate tones of a

violinist, they are the focus of the works. Eva Kaiser,

whose trademark is their powerful, fast strokes,

presents 40 works in oil/acrylic technique on canvas.


Eva Kaiser refuses to paint the world. She prefers to paint stories. This

Stories are often sad or cheerful - always interesting. Her canvases

Are filled with such narratives that cry out to be heard.

"The surfaces of things interest me less, I want to get to the point.

experience the core of things". Photo-like motifs or paintable

are not your thing. "With strength and soul the inner life of, for example, a

The representation of a tree is a much greater challenge. This requires

It is a permanent self-reflection that also releases a lot of new energy.

Critics also keep saying that my pictures are the

Works of a man due to my extremely powerful strokes.

My time studying with Prof. Hermann Nitsch was certainly the most important time.

Influential factor in my artistic orientation and decisive impulse

For my work," says Eva Kaiser.



Exhibition: "Sound of" from 11.12. 2007 to 04. 01. 2008

Greetings: Senate Councillor Mag. J. Schorsch

Opening by Member of Parliament and Councillor Georg Niedermühlbichler

Musical improvisation Edith Lettner with saxophone and duduk


1010 Vienna, Wipplingerstrasse 8




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Firenze during the festive season

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Museum Stift Klosterneuburg - Sala terrena Gallery - The Good Works

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