The Good Works - Exhibition Klosterneuburg Abbey

Good works

One place. A thousand stories.



"You call yourself a Christian and you just pass me by," resounds within me.

a voice. Lord, beloved father, where are you? - I have not seen you

seen! "Do you not see the children, the needy? Each one

Gift lightens her load. Fill the plate so you carry me a little bit

of the way. And more and more you will feel the breath of life in your innermost being.

that permeates you, inspires you, animates you - to my

Pleasure." Eva Kaiser



Eva Kaiser "Breath of Life" 100 x 140, 2014 mixed media on canvas

Mother Theresa

Eva Kaiser "Goodness" 45 x 45, 2011 Acrylic on canvas


Museum Stift Klosterneuburg - Sala terrena Gallery - The Good Works

Good works

The Good Works - Exhibition Klosterneuburg Abbey

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The Transcendent in the Painting of Eva Kaiser

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