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On the occasion of the annual exhibition of the Stiftmuseum Klosterneuburg from 30 April 2020 to 15 November 2021

Editor and curator of the exhibition: Wolfgang Christian Huber

Picture: "AND HE'S WAITING...!" 200 x 150; 2007 mixed media on canvas

The painting was created in 2007 for an exhibition entitled: Creation! Exhaustion?... at Hohenwerfen Castle.

Creation - once upon a time, yes, once upon a time, all this was born out of nothing. However this may have been, and whoever this may have been, does not play such an important role in the end. After all, everything is an interconnection, a hand-in-hand. The sun, the light of the sun, the earth, the murmur of the earth, the lightness, the flight of lightness, the hardness, the strength of hardness, the shadow, the contrast of the shadow. This polarity is a constant swaying - a rocking, and yet it belongs together unceasingly, an eternal coexistence of opposites. High - low, below - above, light - dark, loud - quiet, day - night, cold - warm.

Have we outgrown each other? Has Satan made it? Can he clasp his hands, can he lean back contentedly? Cold is his paw that grips you from all sides. Go for the throat of the monster, trample and cut him. Persist and grow. The rising day takes off and blows up a storm. The elements leap out of their tracks. They run towards each other and are on fire in an instant. It pelts and rattles, whistles and howls, rushes and roars. A world falls to pieces and yet it is the hour.

The hour of the birth of our very, very personal world. Every sunrise is a miracle. My world, my life with ups and downs. With worlds and narrows, furrowed and dented. Here, as there, light, surrounded by shadow. There, as here, shadows, suffused with light. Light that comes from beyond the sun, penetrates our innermost being, meets our soul's warmth, a daily new impetus. Yes - a joy to paint this soul, the invisible. I simply paint soul.

Eva Kaiser

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