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"I just paint soul, I don't want to paint beautiful pictures, I want to paint good ones."
Eva Kaiser refuses to paint the world. She prefers to paint stories. This
Stories are often sad or cheerful - always interesting. Her canvases are
filled with such narratives that cry out to be heard.
"The surfaces of things interest me less, I want to get to the point,
experience the core of things". Photo-like motifs or paintable are your thing
not. "To depict the inner life of a tree, for example, with power and soul is
a much greater challenge. This requires permanent self-reflection
which also releases a lot of new energy. Critics also say again and again with my
Pictures are the works of a man due to my extremely powerful
Strokes. My time as a student of Hermann Nitsch was the definitive time
and certainly a decisive influence for my works," says Kaiser.


Museum Stift Klosterneuburg - Sala terrena Gallery - The Good Works

Good works

The Good Works - Exhibition Klosterneuburg Abbey

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onLocation III

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The Transcendent in the Painting of Eva Kaiser

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hermann nitsch action painting

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