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One of the paintings currently on display at Art Miami Scope, "Sequence", by Salzburg-based painting rabbiteer Eva Kaiser, marks the artist's "stylistic boundary", which has meanwhile shifted far in the direction of abstraction. As a classical expressionist, Eva Kaiser will probably never leave the firm ground of the figurative, but within this realistic framework the painter tests colouristic and gestural explosive effects to excess. One can literally hear the brush whizzing through the air at the sight of this rapid painterly handwriting, which in the meantime makes a stopover at drawing. Intermediate tones and two-dimensional transition zones are no longer so important. Everything is concentrated on the loose interconnection of individual brushstrokes. Painting under high pressure, with the threat of explosion, so to speak. Without regard for academic restrictions and artistic decorum. Eva Kaiser is oriented towards the furore of early modernism, when art was understood as a direct expression of life, also as a socio-political necessity. It is not least this attitude that makes these paintings somewhat out of step with the times.

movement 95 x 300
Sequence 95 x 300 2015 mixed media on canvas
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The Transcendent in the Painting of Eva Kaiser

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