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It is a stark journey. Thrown back on oneself. You are forced to suffer along, to listen along, to feel along. With whom? With Eva Kaiser. Restlessness and calm. When looking at her paintings, one always has the impression that it is a kind of "drama on the stage of the canvas". Canvases on which music resonates expressively, as in an opera. In the paintings there is a permanent "being-in-the-world" - to put it in "Heideggerian" terms. Expression. Dynamics. Without clichéd isms. It is as if one is never just looking at frozen moments, but rather at films frozen into images. An influence of her mentor Hermann Nitsch can be felt in the works. When looking at the pictures, looking is necessary, but not sufficient. If you want to let the operatic stage drama happen to you, it is recommended that you also smell it, feel it and listen to it! Guided by the expressive impressions, step into action yourself. artmagazine

Art Gallery 91

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Eva Kaiser "Female Nude" 135 x 72 2018 Acrylic on canvas


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Eva Kaiser "just one question"; EdVII 100 x 80 2021 mixed media on canvas


Picture 1: Eva Kaiser "Morning light" 160 x 250 2020 Mixed media on canvas
Picture 2: Eva Kaiser "just one question"; EdVII 100 x 80 2021 mixed media on canvas
Image 3: Eva Kaiser "female nude" 135 x 72 2018 Acrylic on canvas

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K & K

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Firenze during the festive season

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Museum Stift Klosterneuburg - Sala terrena Gallery - The Good Works

nitsch follow me

hermann nitsch action painting

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