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In Mephistophele's Worlds

EVA KAISER, the great ecstatic artist of the mental arts, speaks out with a brilliant production of the Faust material. Within the walls of Werfen Castle, she avoids every

Cliché. If the viewer is looking for images that are in his mind from the bourgeois theatre, he will go astray. Faust is barely recognisable, Gretchen only in one picture.

And yet - he is transported into the Faustian world. Seized by the "wavering figures" that approach him, as they once attacked the great Goethe and did not let go.

Thus the key to Kaiser's entire work is already found in the first picture. She accesses the spiritual world directly in mental vision. In this she is related to the Delphic Pythia or Hildegard's visions.

Is this a female kind of art? Are there drugs involved? Is Eva Kaiser an "epopte" - an initiate?

Visible is the gestural passion, the soulful devotion. During the act of painting, the spirits invade Eva Kaiser, occupy her genius and form a precious image on the canvases.

With shy delight, the viewer becomes a witness to a new creation.

The drama of modern man, his abandonment, his remoteness from God, his pact with the devil, gets under the skin through this art. Goethe as a classic takes a back seat.

His monument shows cracks. He is scratched by the colour throws. His text seems too circumscribed. Eva Kaiser instead makes contact with the night stories of German art.

With Schiller's Geistseher, with Novalis and Caspar David Friedrich's failed hope.

While Faust, guided by Mephisto, travels the world in search of knowledge and power, Eva Kaiser illustrates the soul striving for knowledge in every woman.

The night side of Gretchen, the wild forest woman. Yes, seen in the light, the artist fights against Goethe's claim to sole dominance. She turns the Gretchen drama

Is the "eternal masculine" perhaps even pulling Hin - off?

No one can leave this exhibition indifferent, which becomes a "show" in the innermost sense of the word.

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Cover: In Mephistopheles Worlds - 205 x 344 - mixed media on canvas

You approach again, wavering figures,

The early ones once showed themselves to the dull gaze.

Am I trying to hold you this time?

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