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Dear friends of the Deutschvilla, dear people interested in contemporary art!

At Friday, the 1 July we have our next event at the Deutschvilla. At 8 pm the evening begins with the opening of the Salon exhibition by Eva Kaiser with the title "passion"

Attached is a picture of Eva Kaiser at work.
For a somewhat more detailed description of Eva Kaiser's works, I would like to attach here an excerpt from the text "Thoughts on Eva Kaiser's Actionist Works" by Anton Thuswaldner:
Eva Kaiser relies on the quick gesture, the unpredictable idea that arises now and only now. She abandons herself to the wildness of the inner, untamed will to express, which does not want to be beautiful, perfect and successful, but wants to leave its individual trace of the momentary feeling.


Out. Ra 01 Sehnsuchttoene Patience

Voice 1

K & K

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Firenze during the festive season

IMG 58

onLocation III


Museum Stift Klosterneuburg - Sala terrena Gallery - The Good Works

nitsch follow me

hermann nitsch action painting

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