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KUNSTHAUS DEUTSCHVILLA   Strobl on Lake Wolfgang

Group exhibition in front of LOCATION 3

30 June - 6 August 2023

Born in the Salzkammergut, it's a good place to make art, as the old masters, composers, poets and painters who came here for their summer retreat and undisturbed creativity knew. Obviously, numerous local artists know this too. The exhibition VORORT III in the Deutschvilla is dedicated to them. What unites them is their urge to be creative and the high quality of their works.

The first two VORORT exhibitions in 2018 and 2020 already showed a rich harvest. Once again, we travelled through many valleys of the Salzkammergut and a little further afield to find familiar objects and things that have been exhibited many times before, but also to make surprising discoveries.

The Salzkammergut is a small but rich cultural cosmos. This applies to tradition as well as to modernity.

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The canvas as a battlefield of colour, light and figures - it's all down to the temperament of the artist's nature Eva Kaiser. Salzburg's most extreme expressionist is a wild painter's blood, incited for years by role models and teachers like Jacobo Borges and Herman Nitsch. And so it is that her pupil has installed something like a hotspot of the romantic-expressionist conception of art in the otherwise rather quiet Salzburg environment at Art Galerie 91 in Kaigasse. Eva Kaiser's religious and historical themes are of an existential nature - love, Eros, death urge for tempestuous design, with a stylistic range from the surreally coloured figurative to abstraction. The impression will not be deceived that the artist sees herself as a medium, as driven by visions, and gives herself over entirely to inner forces. "It" paints out of her. This lends the results a power and an authenticity that not every viewer is likely to feel equal to. Eva Kaiser inoculates, as it were, every stroke of the brush with subversive revolt of freedom, ploughs up every picture surface like a battlefield. In short, everything the heart of the lover of figurative expressive art desires. Dr. Gugg

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Firenze during the festive season

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onLocation III


Museum Stift Klosterneuburg - Sala terrena Gallery - The Good Works

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