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Exhibition: "Creation!... Exhaustion?...

Eva Kaiser is an intuitive visionary pioneer. An artistic dual nature that ascends and descends a hundred, a thousand times until one day her creativity reaches the optimum.

Characteristically "her path of being", needs friction in life again and again - a lunge - a finger pointing to her path, which usually points astray - to get her will

At the same time, she turns around, dissects the stories, looks at them, looks behind them, goes into the depths to filter out what is true - the core.

With reverent respect, the convinced border crosser faces the great challenge of bridging reality, of giving expression to the image through the veil - indeed, of breathing consciousness into it.

This requires permanent self-reflection that releases a lot of new energy. An exciting, stimulating contrast!

As a viewer, you can clearly feel the immense passion with which Eva Kaiser approaches the canvas. One allows oneself to be drawn into her spell, is captured by this creative world.

Experience that for Eva Kaiser art is both a vocation and a liberation of her creative potential. Brilliant in her individuality, she asserts and improvises in her world. Insightful about it,

Eva Kaiser at the discussion "Creation.... - Exhaustion...!" 2007 at Hohenwerfen Castle; "Art begins where technology ends".

Completely unthinkable to confine Eva Kaiser with normality and rigid guidelines. Undeniably, her unique, atmospheric, expressive, harmonious, powerful,

mostly mystical philosophical works - food for thought - simply space and room for the imagination. She is bubbling over with ideas. She often seeks her stories and performers on the fringes of society.

The motifs of her paintings are about pure life: forces of nature, joie de vivre, eroticism, paradise, even death.

It is always fascinating for me to discuss and work out the soul of mentally expressive, actionist works with collectors and art lovers.

In this sense, have an inspiring journey.


Gallery owner Hans Rettenbacher



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